About Us

Jaagrathayude Keraleeyam

‘Jaagrathayude Keraleeyam’ magazine is a media initiative that has been imparting insights on environmental wisdom and social justice to its readers for the past 22 years.

Keraleeyam was conceived in November 1998 as an offshoot of the core belief that every human thought and action is political, and there is much to be discussed about human society and the environment.

Pages of Keraleeyam resonates with the voices of people marginalized by the exploitation of natural resources and by the spoliation of the environment. Opinions of experts, scientists, politicians, and activists are gathered. In-depth dimensions of a problem along with possible solutions are presented to shape public opinion and thereby correcting government policies and programs. Keraleeyam has intervened in many such ecological problems and resistance movements and through constant follow-ups have stood by the efforts for a solution. Keraleeyam’s objective is a consistent and creative journalistic approach to build up a sustainable and equitable new world.

Keraleeyam is committed to the cause of fighting exploitative corporate or political forces and has consistently questioned a growth model that is not sustainable. The core of Keraleeyam magazine rests on the principles of independent journalism, free of influence or vested interest of any kind.

Since Keraleeyam view ecology as a political subject, its contents are not limited to ecology-related resolutions alone. Various areas of knowledge like the right to resources, grassroots democracy, economics, human rights, gender justice, agriculture, health, education, and self-reliance are incorporated in its contents.

Special issues, that were worthy of being collectible editions, were bought out every year on a wide range of subjects/ issues: Western Ghats, Pathrakadavu, Plachimada, Athirappilly, Muthanga, Chengara, Endosulphan, Kathikudam (Nitta Gelatin), pollution in Periyar River, Express highway, Genetic Modification, Post Marxism, Paddy Farming, Health, Bicycles, Gandhi, Vision of a Single World, Sexuality, Coastal Area Protection, Kerala Social Struggles, Elections, Community Forest Rights.

Keraleeyam regularly offers training to media students on fact based reporting of social and environmental justice issues and facilitated discussions, seminars, and camps as part of community education.

In 2009, an environment and journalism fellowship was instituted in the memory of Biju S Balan, who was a regular columnist with Keraleeyam. The reports submitted by the Fellows have turned out to be valuable studies for reference. Along with the award, eminent speakers have been invited each year to speak on social and environmental issues.

Five books have been published under Keraleeyam Pusthakasala: A compilation of stories titled Illamnira by KR Indira, and a collection of essays and notes on life in Chennai called Chennai Visheshavum Kurippukallum by Biju S Balan.  The third book happens to be the first translation in Malayalam of world-renowned writer André Gorz’ Ecology as Politics; we titled it Ecology Rashtriyam Thanne. Murivetta Malayazham by Nabeel C K M and Harrisons: Rekhayillaatha Janmi by R. Sunil.

Presently we are on a path of development, diversification, and of challenges. In this era, it is difficult to run a people’s publication without any funds, advertisement, or the support of a strong organization. In the present situation, Keraleeyam depends only upon subscription charges, infrequent ads, contributions from a few friends, and well-wishers. Keraleeyam becomes possible only with the support of many people including you.

Keraleeyam digital archive is our new endeavor. Old issues of the magazine are categorised year based and subject-based. Any reader can access these articles free of cost. The current issue of the magazine is only available in print and for a copy please subscribe.