About us

Keraleeyam is a unique journalistic platform bringing out narratives around socio – ecological justice. We reach our readers through well researched, analytical reports. With our core value of independent, in-depth, solution-based, and responsible journalismfor social and ecological justice, we have been committed to presenting extensive dimensions of socio – ecological, exploitative and unsustainable issues, build public opinion and create a platform for advocacy in order to revisit relevant government policies. With a rich history of more than two decades, Keraleeyam has been striving towards building a sustainable and equitable world by providing a platform for various voices. 

History of Keraleeyam

Since 1998, Keraleeyam has been involved in journalistic reporting and inquiring for solutions to issues of environmental and social injustice. Through our detailed ground reports, features, analyses, and interviews, we present these issues to the Malayalee reader. Started as a 6 pages newspaper sized fortnightly called “Jagratayude Keraleeyam”, we have come a long way since our inception. In 2005, we shifted from fortnightly newspaper format to a monthly magazine format. Keraleeyam’s growth lies largely on the shoulders of a radical community of volunteers and well-wishers coming together for the cause of socio – ecological justice. Over the years, Keraleeyam’s resource center continues to host studies and reports that have been part of our journalistic inquiries, building a rich repository of knowledge for students, researchers, activists, etc. In addition, we also host a Copyleft digital archive of Keraleeyam’s issues since 1998, accessible to all. Our engagements are not limited to just being a media house, we have worked towards building community through workshops, programmes and camps.  In the last decade, we have actively engaged with youth through our training programmes and workshops focussing on fact based reporting of social issues. Since 2009, we have been hosting the Biju S Balan Fellowship programme, facilitating in- depth work of contemporary issues conducted by our Fellows and also bringing veterans such senior environmentalists, media persons. Keraleeyam Pusthakasaala is Keraleeyam’s publication wing, where we have published 4 books so far.  In 2019 October, Keraleeyam was registered as a Public Charitable Trust under the name KERALEEYAM TRUST, transferring all the organizational operations under the Trust’s ownership.

Transition from print to web platform

Keraleeyam aims to expand the media presence into the fast growing digital space, to make our content more accessible to a wider audience, and also work towards building a greater impact through its unique narrative building. With this vision in our minds, we started our web portal, which continues to consistently expand ever since. The web platform was initially envisioned to be a continuation of the journalism that we practiced in the Keraleeyam print platform. However, we decided to leverage the potential of multimedia tools, to create a visual impact on the themes we focus on.


“Independent and Public-Spirited Media Foundation has engaged Keraleeyam Trust, www.keraleeyammasika.com for the purpose of reporting and publishing stories of public interest. IPSMF does not take any legal or moral responsibility whatsoever for the content published by  Keraleeyam Trust, www.keraleeyammasika.com on their website on any of its other platforms.”