About us

‘Jagrathayude Keraleeyam’ is a civil society collective who are concerned with ecology, nature, democracy, governance and human rights. Since 1998, it has stood with and acted for the victims, sufferers, suppressed and the marginalised.

In 1999, when the mainstream media and the society in general, was not devoting much space or time to ecology and nature, Keraleeyam Masika, came in. From day one, it was rooted in the principle of free and independent journalism and has grown only with the support from civil society. This strength helped Keraleeyam to bring the voices of the victims of man-made ecological and social imbalances. Keraleeyam takes its stand as a media intervention aimed to guide policymakers and, develop an ecological wisdom and justice in society.

The indepth research and production of quality content made Keraleeyam a resource centre for environmental studies by many universities. Keraleeyam believes in and is a practioner of ‘copyleft’ policy to ensure that the facts reach as fast and, as forceful as the false. The two decade digital archives of Keraleeyam is open for you to explore and contemplate.