Jaagrathayude Keraleeyam

‘Jaagrathayude Keraleeyam’ magazine completes its 16th year with two hundred consecutive volumes since it started publishing from Thrissur in November 1998. The Keraleeyam monthly has been presenting basic issues of people such as agriculture, health, environment, human rights, education and gender-dalit-adivasi justice etc.

As an initiative from ‘Keraleeyam Koottayma’ the Keraleeyam started as a monthly Newspaper, then changed to a biweekly and later on as a tabloid. Since 2005 Keraleeyam is being published as a monthly magazine.

Special volumes published by Keraleeyam other than those issues mentioned above are:

  • Plachimada (Anti Coke struggle),
  • Athirappilly (Struggle against Hydro Electric Dam),
  • Muriyad and Erayamkudy (Reclamation of Wetland and Food Safety),
  • Eloor and Kathikudam (Problems of Industrial Pollution),
  • Moolampilly and Kinaloor (Land Acquisition),
  • Struggle against BOT road and land acquisition,
  • Fisher people struggles for protecting marine ecology and costal ecosystem,
  • Muthanga and Chengara (Tribal and Dalith struggle for land),
  • Struggles against unscientific Waste Management (Vilappilsala, Laloor),
  • Endosulphan (Pesticide issue in Kazargode),
  • Post Marxist era,
  • Media and Social justice,
  • Peoples’ struggles in Kerala,
  • Western Ghats

and many other struggles from other parts of India like

  • POSCO,
  • Nandigram,
  • Singoor,
  • Narmadha,
  • Enron,
  • Anti SEZ (Special Economic Zone),
  • Anti GM (Genetically Modified crops)

…..and so on.

Apart from publishing the magazine we were actively involved with a lot many People’s struggles as well with the daily social scene. We have supported the cause and agitation of the people in Plachimada, Athirappilly, Pathrakkadavu (Silent Valley), Chengara, Muthanga, Muriyadu, Erayamkudi, River Protection (Chalakkudy, Periyar, Bharathappuzha), Moolampilly, Kathikkudam, Kainoor, Laloor etc. As part of the Social Education Program, a number of exhibitions, discussion programs, seminars and camps are being held on behalf of Keraleeyam. We frequently conduct Eco camps, Nature trips and Full Moon and Rain gatherings.

Our book publishing venture ‘Keraleeyam Pusthakashala’ (publishing & distribution), has already published 3 books and is presently in the process of publishing more works.The books that are published are,

  • Illam Nira(a collection of short stories) by K.R.Indira.
  • Chennai Visheshangalum Kuruppukalum (Articles) by Biju S Balan &
    Ecology rashtriyam thanne by Andre Gorz(Translated by K Ramachandran.)

The media-environment Fellowship of Rupees 10,002/- constituted by Keraleeyam in memory of our columnist Biju S Balan completes its Fifth year.

Presently we are in a path of development, diversification and of challenges. In this era it is difficult to run a people’s publication without any funds, advertisement or the support of a strong organization. In this regard it is impressive that Keraleeyam has never missed a volume in 16 years. Let’s share the delight and gratitude as it is a readers’ publication. In the present situation Keraleeyam depends only up on subscription charges, infrequent ads, contributions from a few friends and wellwishers. Keraleeyam becomes possible only on the support of many people including you.

Keraleeyam digital archives is our new endeavour. Old issues of the magazine are categorised year based and subject based .Any reader can access these articles free of cost. The current issue of the magazine is only available in print and for copy please subscribe.